Ellen Grubb

Co-Owner, Realtor

With her real estate experience spanning more than three decades, Ellen co-founded Hillsdale Real Estate Group in 2012. She loves the variety real estate offers — although the principles are the same in each transaction, the properties are different, all her clients are unique, and the circumstances are always changing. Voted Davie County’s favorite real estate agent, Ellen is a master at ‘bird-dogging’ (hunting specialized, off-market properties for her clients) and selling unique and sometimes challenging properties.

Concerned about the future of her job following the merger of Piedmont Airlines and USAir, Ellen kissed the airline industry goodbye in 1990. After earning her real estate license, she worked for two larger brokerages before taking the leap to co-own her boutique real estate firm with Amanda Cranfill.
When Ellen Isn’t Selling Real Estate
Ideally, Ellen would be soaking in the sun with a drink in her hand at her condo at the beach or logging some miles on her motorhome. But realistically and more often, Ellen and her husband, Randy, are at home on ‘Grubb Hill’ with their three, grown kids and their families. Randy is a local building contractor and the two of them, along with their daughters Kayla and Carmen, run The Farm at Oak Hill, a local event venue. She spends a lot of her weekends hosting sleepovers with her grandbabies. One day she’s going to get around to learning to play the piano.
Bet You Didn’t Know
Nobody tells a story better than Ellen — with her hand gestures, wild animation, and often colorful language, Ellen’s stories are legendary around the office. She probably has so many stories because she’s never met a stranger. Seriously, she’ll talk to anybody.
Ellen's Words to Live By
Love your life and all that you’ve been given.